Nolan Jackson

Safeguarding Your Church

Top 10 Riskiest Behaviors Churches Engage In

10. Lack of sound transportation policies

  • Driver and vehicle selection
  • Training
  • Inspection and maintenance

9. Inadequate or non-existent written policies and procedures

  • Especially those pertaining to the selection, training and supervision of those working with children and youth
  • Having outdated policies or not covering all the areas of ministry or not following existing policies
  • Improper or unsafe use of facility by outside organizations

8. Inadequate or missing inspection and maintenance policy

  • Lack of regular and documented inspections
  • Inadequate funding to do repairs correctly or at all
  • Improper selection and use of volunteer labor

7. Improper planning and training of activities and ministries

  • Not thinking ahead and safely planning the activity
  • Inadequate training of adults
  • Improper or missing supervision

6. Improper supervision

  • Not enough people
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of attention

5. Not learning and following the law

  • Knowing and following laws that apply to churches
  • Thinking the church is above the law
  • Awareness of employment and tax issues

4. Not safeguarding equipment, valuables and money

  • Leaving equipment in the open or in unlocked closets or rooms
  • Not locking doors and leaving personal property in sight
  • Leaving offerings and petty cash accessible

3. Not following sound financial safeguard policies

  • Using the two-unrelated adult rule from collection to deposit
  • Separation between collectors, counters, treasurer and financial secretary
  • Lack of audits

2. Inadequate labor issues and policies

  • Poor personnel hiring practices or the hiring of outside contractors with no certificate of insurance
  • Not adequately supervising work being done on your property
  • Use of volunteer labor that is not trained or supervised

1. Fooling yourself into thinking, “It can’t happen here.”

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  • Line Road Church (GA)

    saved $1,432 a year

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    Southside Baptist (GA)

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    Johnson Road Baptist (FL)

    saved $456 a year

  • Faith Baptist (GA)

    saved $8,439 a year

    Love of God Ministries (GA) (new church plant)

    saved $225 a year

    St. Paul (GA) (new church plant)

    saved $352 a year

    New in Christ Ministries (GA)

    saved $1,298 a year

    Ream Ministries (GA)

    saved $765 a year